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Stunning, durable laminates.
Available in tons of colors and textures, with edges that mark distinction, laminate countertops are a top choice for the home, hospital, store, office and the school. It's durable beauty at a fraction of the cost of other surface alternatives.
High-performing, sophisticated solid surfaces.
While helping the planet, you also offer your customers sophistication. Solid surfaces are nonporous – so stains don't penetrate the surface and there is proven resistance to the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. Homeowners, hospital and school administrators all see great value in solid surfaces.
Quick & Easy Elegance.
VanitEase offers breathtaking beauty, practical functionality and exceptional value for today's lifestyle. The array of beautiful patterns, rich color palette and versatile design options fit any style bathroom, and provide long-term value to home owners. With VanitEase Quick Ship, you can have it in one week or less.
Experience the great craftsmanship, design, and innovation of KOHLER.
In business for 130 years, KOHLER is committed to crafting the finest sinks for generations to come. Endure the beauty of a KOHLER sink.
Partner with us and Make Your Margin PLUS!
View our case-study infographic to learn how partnering with L.E. Smith, the nation’s largest single location fabricator of laminate countertops, can improve your bottom line.

Laminate & Quartz Countertops

You deserve to feel confident that your home projects (simple or elaborate) are built to your exact specs, delivered on time and screaming of quality. Whether custom countertops, vanities, sinks, or stock slabs, you deserve to deal with trained professionals who are hand-holding your orders so you can rest easy throughout the process.  We are dedicated to just that.  We understand what keeps you up at night and we dedicate ourselves to your success every day.  

Want a quick introduction to who we are at L. E. Smith?  Please watch this 5 minute video.  Our Story >>