Solid Surface Delivers Ultimate Luxury in This Residential Kitchen

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When you normally think about luxurious countertop surfaces, quartz or granite might come to mind initially. But after reading about this project, you’ll add Solid Surface to that list!

When planning to build this unique home in Angola, Indiana, the homeowner knew that aesthetics would be a main priority for every component of the construction. The cabinetry for the kitchen, dining room, and 3.5 bathrooms had been selected and finding the perfect countertops to compliment the luxurious look and feel of the cabinetry was the most important factor in the decision-making process.

After carefully considering all of the options with us, the homeowner selected Corian® Solid Surface in Ash Aggregate that would also have a 2” thick edge. This thicker edge offers a bold look that provides more depth in viewing the unique movement of this aesthetic. A customized steel base was also selected to support the countertops.

In addition to aesthetics, Solid Surface was selected for its many benefits:
• Price point – Perfectly priced between laminate and quartz
• Low maintenance – Non-porous properties mean that countertops never need to be sealed and are naturally antimicrobial
• Durable – although very difficult to damage, solid surface can be easily repaired

The most remarkable piece of this project was a custom dining table made of the same Solid Surface material used throughout the kitchen. At 20 feet long, 48” wide, and 2” thick, this beautiful table also features a custom request of the grain of the surface running cross-ways instead of lengthwise. The size of the table was very important to the homeowner, for when she was growing up, there was never room for her to sit at “the big table”, so she wanted to ensure that everyone in the family, including all grandchildren, would be able to have a seat now.

While L.E. Smith is accustomed to fabricating and installing large commercial projects such hospitals and multi-family apartment complexes, this was a large residential project with over 700 square feet of countertops. To give perspective, a typical residential project has about 60 square feet of countertops!

We were able to meet the 45-day time frame, from template to install, allowing the client to meet their move-in date. When the table was installed onsite, it involved four men to install it, due the sheer size of the pieces.

When this phenomenal project was finished, the homeowner was very happy with the completed look and feel, as well as the professionalism of L.E. Smith. The Solid Surface countertops were the perfect compliment to their cabinetry and other aspects of their home. The end result was a simply stunning kitchen that is the epitome of luxury.

Experience matters when it comes to getting a job done correct, complete and on-time. As the largest single manufacturer of laminate and solid surface tops in the country, we fabricate up to 900 countertops each day! Contact us to discuss your next project or to learn more.

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