L.E. Smith Stocks and distributes the best selling sinks from kohler and sterling for quick delivery

"Click on the Images for Sink Specifications."

"Click on the Images for Sink Specifications."

  • F11402-4-NA Southhaven

  • F11409-NA McAllister

  • F11444-NA McAllister

  • F11600-NA McAllister

  • 11722-NA Cinch

  • 11724-NA Cinch

  • UCL1515-NA Springdale

  • J11449-NA Springdale

  • J11448-NA Springdale

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      Your clients deserve the best.  Give them the best by offering a variety of Kohler sinks that will serve them for years.  From cast-iron farmhouse styles to sophisticated stainless steel sinks, KOHLER offers a variety of options that marry long-lasting durability with style. The Kohler sinks in our collection also offer a quiet experience.  With the use of sound pads, noise such as running water and garbage disposals is reduced.  Learn more about our Kohler sinks by giving us a call at 419-636-4555.