Laminate Countertops

#1 How do I know what your laminate countertop “Stock Colors” are?

Our Most up-to-date Stock Color list is always located on our website under the Laminate Forms & Guides tab.

#2 What are your Laminate Endsplash Options? When would I use each?

  • Contoured: For applications where a customer wants a splash and needs to cover a gap either in the front of the top or the back due to the wall not being straight. These have 5/8” “tabs” that stick out above the backsplash and in the front of the bull nose. This eliminates the need to scribe the end of the tops. Tops should be made to the shortest dimension of the front of the top or the back of the top.
  • Contoured Flush Mount: This is for applications where a customer wants a splash and needs to cover a gap in the center of the deck along the wall. The tabs on the front and top do not cover the entire bullnose or backsplash.
  • Butted Attached: This is for applications where the customer wants a side splash and scribing is needed on the wall side of a top to finish off the end. It should be used when only one splash is needed.
  • Butted Loose: This is generally used when both ends of a top need scribed and one splash is loose for ease of installation. The loose splash can be removed and scribed to fit wall, then re-attached. This is a more complex installation process, and is not recommended for a novice.

Would you like to see images of these splash options? Click Here

Quartz Countertops

#1 Are the Quartz colors shown on your website the only colors that you offer?

No, the colors on our website are our L.E. Smith color palette. These colors are in stock, and there is no charge for offal. They are also consistent in nature (allowing them to easily be selected with a 4×4 sample,) they are able to be quoted without sheet optimization in our online portal, SQUAD, and they are available with the fastest lead times. Additional colors and brands are available (allowing us to meet nearly any specification) however they must be quoted by the L.E. Smith team. Quote requests can be sent to

#2 Do you offer Measure & Installation for Quartz, or is it delivered product only?

We do offer both Measure & Installation services within our 5 state footprint for residential orders. For commercial orders (10+ tops,) we will also offer Measure & Installation services, however we review each of these commercial requests individually to ensure that we can provide a fair and accurate lead time and price.

VanitEase Granite & Quartz Bathroom Vanities

#1 What options are included in the price of a VanitEase Standard Size Granite or Quartz Vanity?

  • A 2cm Granite or Quartz top with a polished, eased edge on 3 sides
  • An attached, undermount oval sink in either white or bisque
  • Choice of faucet set drillings
  • A loose, 4” high backsplash
  • Secure and innovative box for ease of delivery.

#2 Can you ship VanitEase bathroom vanities with Fed Ex or UPS?

We can safely ship VanitEase vanity tops that are 31” in length or smaller. Our unique packaging allows us to do so. A 1 minute video on the features and benefits of our box is available Here.

Additional information about our Granite and Quartz Bathroom vanity program, VanitEase is available Here.

Solid Surface Countertops

#1 What Brands of Solid Surface do you fabricate?

We fabricate all brands of Solid Surface. Whether the project that you’re completing requires DuPont ™Corian®, LG HI-MACS®, Samsung Staron®, Livingstone, or any of the other solid surfaces available in the market today, we can fabricate them all. We have a dedicated CNC, V-Groover, and a thermo-forming oven for building a myriad of countertops and components.

#2 Can you build Solid Surface countertops using my CAD file?

Yes, we can accept your drawings in this format and build countertops on your behalf using a CAD or DXF file.

KOHLER® and Sterling® by Kohler Sinks

#1 Can you attach a KOHLER or a Sterling sink to the countertop that I’m ordering, or will it ship separately?

This answer is a bit trickyJ. The answer varies by countertop material. Here are the countertop material options, and the answers related to them:

  • Laminate: We have 3 KOHLER® sinks and 1 Sterling® sink that can be top mounted to a laminate countertop prior to shipment.
  • Quartz: We offer over 30 KOHLER® and/or Sterling® sinks that are compatible with our quartz kitchen countertops, but none of them will ship installed.
  • Solid Surface: Each and every KOHLER® and Sterling® sink that we offer is compatible with a solid surface countertop. Undermount styles will ship installed, and top mount and apron front sinks will ship alongside the countertop.

#2 I am looking to buy a KOHLER® sink that I don’t see in your catalog or online. Can I still order this through L.E. Smith? What will the price and lead time be?

As an authorized distributor for KOHLER® sinks, we have access to all styles, colors, and sizes available. If you can provide us the name, SKU #, and the color that you’re looking for, we’ll get a price and a lead time for you. We can also drop ship direct to your business or job site. Requests for quote can be submitted via fax at 419-633-6616 or at

Images, Specs, and videos of L.E. Smith’s KOHLER® sink offering can be found Here.

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