Best Thanksgiving Ever

Thanksgiving is nearly here, and given our obvious affinity for all things kitchen related, we’d like to offer 4 tips for making this Thanksgiving your best ever.

1.Before you head out to the store to buy all of the ingredients and items to prepare your family’s Turkey Day feast, prep your refrigerator by emptying its contents prior to the big trip.  Allow only the bare necessities to stay, by preparing food in the fridge and freezing meals for later.  You’ll make room for the bird that will take up nearly an entire shelf by itself, and you’ll have freezer meals made up for later during the busy holiday season.

2.Turkey questions?  Visit for all things turkey related.  They offer recipes, cooking tips, and even video how-to’s on everything from choosing a turkey, to thawing and stuffing your bird, and how to perfectly carve a turkey.  They even offer a tool to calculate stuffing servings based on your family’s eating preferences.  So whether you have a family of light eaters, or hearty eaters that want leftovers, you’ll be sure to please the bunch.

3.Keep restless kids happy during dinner.  Have a few quiet activities ready in case they get antsy.  Place project bags with paper, crayons, and stickers under their chairs to pull out when boredom strikes.  You could always put a special treat out on the counter, like a slinky or a yo-yo to be awarded to the most polite and well behaved child.  Then surprise all the children at the end of the meal by giving each child a reward.

4.To keep kitchen chaos at bay, use the minutes between dinner and dessert to restore order. Wash a few dishes and roasting pans, and put away leftovers.  You’ll allow your guests a few minutes to allow their stomach’s to settle, and give yourself more time to enjoy the day later.