Don’t Count The Days…

“Don’t count the days, make the days count.”

-Muhammad Ali

This quote especially rings true for twelve L.E. Smith employees that have dedicated 20+ years to delighting clients, making beautiful countertops, and giving total commitment to their employer.  L.E. Smith celebrated their dedication by hosting a luncheon for these valued employees.  They were thanked by the executive team for their loyalty, and they spent the time reminiscing about the past, sharing funny stories, and planning for the future.  L.E. Smith is proud to have such a tenured staff, and they hope to have many more of these luncheons in the future.

From left to right- Front Row, Jean Bockover 32 years, Daun Musser 24 years, Gene Hoffman 22 years, Craig Rex 22 years, Dale Stantz 31 years, Bob McAfee 31 years Back Row, Kim Landel 25 years, Ron Thompson 24 years, Bruce Taylor 34 years, Dick Kuszmaul 25 years, Corby Jackson 21 years, Not Pictured- Jeff Follett 23 years.