Do’s And Don’ts Of Caring For Laminate Countertops

After you install a laminate countertop, share with your customer some simple do’s and don’ts so they can preserve the beauty of their top for a long time.


  • Clean regularly with mild soap and water
  • Use enough water to properly clean and rinse without saturating the countertop for a long period of time.
  • For tough, dried food or grease, gently scrub using a sponge/fiber pad and mild soap.


  • Don’t set hot appliances or pans directly on the laminate.  You can burn and scar the surface. Instead, have a handy supply of trivets or hot pads to create a barrier between your pan/appliance and the laminate countertop.
  • Don’t use harsh abrasive cleansers.  These will dull the laminate finish.
  • Don’t use steel wool or scrubbing tools containing steel wool, they too will scratch and dull the finish.
  • Don’t use a laminate countertop as a cutting board.  You can slice the laminate and create an area for bacteria to collect.

Encourage gentle care and consideration with your customers in the care of their countertops.