Extreme Service

Remember about 6 months ago when we were tiring of winter and we wondered if things would ever thaw? It’s amazing with just a little time, how things change to another extreme and we are aching for reprieve from the blazing heat.

Last week I approached our Fabrication Manager and asked him how are master crafters in the shop were faring in the heat.  He answered genuinely with several things he’d been doing ensure they keep hydrated and air moving in our large fabricating facility.

Then he did something I didn’t expect.  He turned the question on me, “Any other ideas for our people?”  Together we spent some time throwing around ideas and within an hour, our summer interns rallied to purchase coolers and ice and place them strategically in the shop to compliment the Gatorade and cooling fans already in position.  I watched him continue to keep a watchful eye on these amazing folks.  While we’re all breathing a little easier this week with lower temps, I am reminded of our  amazing people and how they go and go every day for our clients – through any and all extremes.  What a wonderful example to emulate.