Japan Relief – The Tally Is In!

On March 11, 2011, the north coast of Japan was hit by a horrible tsunami after a 9.0 magnitude earthquake that occurred 80 miles offshore. The death toll has now officially crossed 10,000 & more than 17,000 are missing. Nearly 300,000 are in temporary shelter.

We wanted to help ease the pain by sharing our resources. So, from March 18th to July 31st we allocated $1 for every order we received and we’ll be giving $5,097 to the relief effort.  We’ve chosen GlobalGiving.orgas our giving channel.

We thank our clients who helped make our giving possible and substantive. We are hopeful for Japan’s relief as our contribution is blended with nearly $5.5 million from others across the world (throughGlobalGiving.org) to make a difference.

Our thoughts and prayers continue for those rebuilding their lives. May hope and joy be restored to all soon.