Kaizen #5 Post Form

Kaizen #5 began Monday with a classroom presentation on LEAN Theory, Waste Identification, Visual Management, and 5S.  The team made two visits to the shop floor to identify opportunities for improvement, then were divided into teams to tackle the various areas.  This team has brought a tremendous amount of energy to the kaizen event and the end result will be a more efficient, visual and accessible Post Form department.

Kiazen Team Members (left to right): Mike Kelly, Matt Bockover (kneeling), Aaron Walz, Dick Kuzmaul, Brenda Williams, Rob Caustrita, Amie Davis, Troy Zimmerman, Steve Burns, Chris Fogarty

The following teams were assembled and specific tasks were assigned:

Production Flow Team

  • Move auto-capper machine
  • Relocate miter assembly and final finish work cells
  • Centralize storage location and build containment racks

5S Team

  • Thoroughly clean entire department
  • Paint exterior bathroom walls
  • Sort and label Seamfil cart for miter work cell
  • Grind old glue off floor and paint

Visual Management Team

  • Designate and paint floor storage areas for moveable objects
  • Paint and shadowboard tool racks
  • Re-line walkways
  • Place safety and fire extinguisher use placards

The Post Form department is the largest fabrication area in our company.  It was great to see the team make these improvements that will allow us to grow without sacrificing quality.  This area is now clear of clutter, organized, and laid out in a way that will help us gain additional efficiencies.  If you have any questions or are interested in discussing this further, please feel free to contact me at            419-636-4555       x3225.

Enjoy the Journey!