Kaizen – How Far We’ve Come

I recently spent some time reflecting on the kaizen events we’ve completed since starting our lean journey in April of 2009. It has been a long road with amazing results!

-Along the way we’ve had over 110 associates attend a full week kaizen with over 4000 man hours dedicated to improving our business.

-Our employees have embraced our lean philosophy and there has been a complete culture change with every employee fully engaged in the business.

-Our 100,000 square foot facility is now free of clutter and organized; which in turn has caused our scrap to decrease.

Travelling down the lean path allows problems to become more visible. When a challenge arises we attack it as an opportunity using the kaizen methodology. As a result, internal communication among our associates has improved, our Management team is more confident with our growth plans, and we’ve had a 20% increase in sales!

I believe our adoption of lean principles into our daily business has helped our organization transform into a much stronger company.  Every day we’re faced with challenges and are able to take them with stride because we understand the importance of waste elimination and working collectively as a team.  If you’d like more information about bringing lean into your facility please don’t hesitate to call me.