L. E. Smith Holds 10th Kaizen Event

There’s no limit to the success that we, and our business partners can achieve when we’re committed to continuous improvement!  With that in mind, The L. E. Smith Company held its 10th Kaizen event June 21, 22 and 23, with the focus on The Total Customer Experience.  The Kaizen event was conducted as an immediate follow-up to a phone survey to our customers who represent 80% of the Company’s sales.  For both events, the focus was on delighting our customers.  In the phone survey the week of June 13th, the focus was on L. E. Smith performance to customer expectations, with respondents rating us on quality, on-time delivery, and sales and customer service support.  With the survey responses as the focal point, the Kaizen event took a close look at entire order-through-delivery process and how we could not only make it better, but how we could make it the best customer experience possible.  By the end of the Kaizen event the team had already “built” several improvements that will cut order processing time, add customer “touch points” in the order fulfillment process, and provide a sales incentive system to enhance our customers’ sales efforts.  As with all Kaizen events, there will be continuous follow up to monitor results and make further improvements.