L.E. Smith Launches New Website And Integrates Social Media To Enhance Communication And Interaction With Customers And Commercial & Residential Building Communities

Bryan, OH – February 11, 2010 – L.E. Smith launched an upgraded website and implemented a new marketing and communications strategy that includes social media. The social media approach is centered on the Company Blog, Facebook, & Twitter.

After initial research L.E. Smith elected to partner with Ross Johnson, CEO of 3.7 Designs, to consult in the development of the comprehensive social media strategy. 3.7 DESIGNS is a strategic creative company based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

L.E. Smith Director Of Business Development, Kevin Smith, stated “we started initially by understanding who in our industry is already using social media & then monitoring the conversations occurring across various social media sites. It became clear very quickly that the opportunity to interact with consumers & industry communities is growing exponentially every day.” L.E. Smith began engaging with industry specific communities and through that experience, decided to utilize Facebook, Twitter, & the L.E. Smith Blog as the primary vehicles for social media activities.

L.E. Smith is always working to improve interactive communication with customers and industry contacts. Social media is a way for us to provide reliable support and information to a very diverse user community. Smith states, “Many different types of people are looking for advise, assistance, & industry opinions through the internet and we think this is a great way to engage that need.”
We invite those who participate in social media to join us through these links:

– L.E. Smith Countertop Blog

– L.E. Smith Laminate Countertop Facebook Fan Page

– L.E. Smith Countertop Twitter