Laminate Countertops Are Made Of Paper? Really?

Laminate countertops were created in the 1950s. Since then, colors and textures have evolved so much that they imitate metal, stone, granite, marble and quartz.  Laminate is a beautiful and affordable choice – a great option for surfaces in the home, office, apartment complexes and healthcare facilities.

What goes into making laminate countertops may surprise you! The techno term for laminate is HPDL – or high pressure decorative laminate. Layers and layers of both decorative and core paper bases are soaked with resins and compounded together using high pressure heat processes.  It’s cool to see it in the making (actually, it’s quite warm – tee hee).  To achieve textures and colors, laminate producers (such as Formica® and Wilsonart®) use highly-evolved printing processes and have truly mastered the art form.

Laminate is adhered to a base or substrate. That’s where we come in!  See our post forming video that shows how we bring both the laminate and the substrate together to make a countertop.