The L. E. Smith Company Visits Formica

The L. E. Smith Company’s 2010 goals include a 25% increase in laminate countertops sales, delighting our customers, and having associates excited about improving their performance.  To help move us closer to these goals, Craig Francisco took a group of ten associates to Formica’s Evendale plant in Cincinnati, Ohio on Tuesday, May 25th for a tour of their facilities.  Upon arrival the team was greeted with a very warm welcome by Formica president Mike Fischer followed by presentations from Todd Vezina and Bill Recinella discussing Formica’s Sales organization and sales operations, as well as the importance of the relationship with L.E. Smith Company in reaching the marketplace.

The team then learned from Mitch Quint, V.P. of North American Operations, about Formica’s manufacturing and how our orders progress through their system. Presentations from Linda Kerechek (Director, Commercial Market Segment) and Gerri Chmiel (Senior Design Manager) provided insight into the company’s process for getting customer input on new designs and products and how that input results in new Formica releases to the marketplace.  A plant tour came next, allowing the group to see firsthand how Formica’s LEAN programs have improved efficiencies and how raw materials are transformed into the beautiful laminates that become the handcrafted countertops that The L. E. Smith Company is noted for.  After lunch and a question and answer session the L.E. Smith associates returned to Bryan, better prepared to serve our customers and reach our Company goals.


(From Left to right: Dave Cass, Mike Distefano, Kevin Smith, Kara Bates, Joe Smith, Scott Buehler, Kim Landel, Matt Bockover, Craig Rex, Craig Francisco, Brian Smith)