True Tones by Wilsonart® Offer Vibrant Color Choices for Laminate Countertops

True Tones, a new line from the Wilsonart Spectrum collection, is a semi-custom laminate offering that redefines color choice in the industry. With 27 of the most sought-after colors, True Tones brings the latest evolution in optical solid color to High Pressure Laminate (HPL) countertops.

Ideal for hospitality, healthcare, education, and retail environments, True Tones is an excellent low-maintenance solution for high-touch areas with superior stain, wear, impact and scratch resistance compared to traditional veneers, vinyl, and wood, bringing years of quality performance. Plus, it offers the ability to customize the colors, so it’s a great choice when our clients need to color match for corporate or school colors or product branding.

For educational clients, the colors available in True Tones can foster curiosity, collaboration, and creativity. In a healthcare setting, these colors can create a sense of hospitality, all while holding up to stringent cleaning protocols. And when applied in a hospitality or retail, these colors spark joy and exuberance with their boldness.

For further design inspiration, here are some examples in various environments:


Persimmon offers a burnt orange look that imitates the color of a freshly picked persimmon in sunlight.


The pale pink of Carnival is both subdued and lively in any space.


Find a mustard yellow in Tewkesbury that simply radiates on its own or elevates modern fixtures. The medium green of Cricket can be used as a statement or complimentary tone for a variety of neutral colors and patterns.


Explore a classic blue with Admiral, a robust tone that mimics the vibrant depths of the ocean.


Rendezvous is a teal-blue pattern using subtle stippling to create a new solid.

Commercial Office

The popularity of Prickly Pear can’t be understated. Use this muted, earthen tone to complement metal fixtures.

HPL can provide better long-term design integrity, lower day-to-day maintenance costs, and greater long-term value for a much lower cost of ownership overall. HPL is made through a multi-step process. It begins with layers of kraft paper infused with phenolic resin for durability. On top of this, decorative paper treated with melamine resin adds aesthetics. The layers are then pressed together under high heat, around 300°F, and pressure exceeding 1000 psi, creating a strong bond. The result is a robust, durable, and visually appealing material that’s used in furniture, countertops, and more.

Because HPL can be used in either high- or low-touch applications as it’s durable and easy to clean, it is clear to see why it provides the highest degree of design and application flexibility. In addition, Wilsonart HPL is engineered with 23% Post-Consumer Recycled Content – about two times more than other leading brands.

Other benefits include:

  • Impact Resistance – Built-in durability prevents damage caused by impact.
  • Scratch Resistance – HPL supports functionality, maintenance, and long-lasting performance.
  • Water and Moisture Resistance – Non-porous surface resists moisture and does not require sealing.
  • Wear Resistance – The design will go out of style before the product wears out.

At The L.E. Smith Company, we custom fabricate all brands of Laminate. Whether you need tops for a kitchen for a residential customer or 100 vanities for a commercial project, we can help. Our professional fabricators are equipped with the latest manufacturing technology. From dedicated CNCs, to our automated V-Groover, we’ve invested in the equipment necessary to increase efficiency and shorten lead-times.

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