White Hot

This week, temperatures tip-toeing around 50 degrees caused snow accumulation to finally melt away, and yet, we  can’t seem to get away from the color white.  It seems to be everywhere.  Have you noticed?  White kitchen  cabinets, white quartz countertops, and even the infamous white and gold dress (or black and blue depending on  your POV) are flooding the lookbooks of Houzz, the pins of Pinterest, and the feeds of Social Media sites  Facebook and Instagram.  We’re also seeing the white trend fill our trucks as new white countertops are being  shipped out daily to be installed in both residential kitchens and commercial settings alike.  Within our TruQuartz  Quartz Kitchen offering, the most popular color choices are Colosseum and Pantheon, and our VanitEase program is  also heavy with white quartz options with Tempest Carrara, Diamond White, and Polar White dominating  bathroom vanity selections.  Sinks are white, too with the KOHLER® Whitehaven  being our top selling sink of the  moment.  Are you seeing this trend in your sights as well?  We’d love to hear your take on the “white hot” trend.  Let  us know your thoughts in the comments section.