Your Answer To Additional Business!!

Would you like to increase your business by as much as 25%?  Then L.E. Smith’s Spring Programs are just what you’re looking for.  Each program will bring beauty and ease to your customer’s kitchen or bath projects.  To start, launch into spring with a custom countertop and drop in stainless steel sink combo.  This program is sure to please with a Kindred double bowl sink set and ready.  The only thing left to do is call the plumber!  Your client’s will be thrilled with the ease of ordering, the one week lead time on stock colors, and the affordable price.   Also new for spring is our Corian bathroom vanity program.  Well-designed, this program allows you to offer an array of combinations (profiles, sizes, sinks, and more) in 10 precisely selected colors sure to please.  This offering combines the luxury of Corian, integrated sinks, and affordability all rolled into one.  Similarly, our Stock Corian Program allows you to offer top selling Corian colors from you geographic area with a phenomenal lead time and quality product.  So what are you waiting for?  Spring your sales forward, and take advantage of our new Spring Programs.  Call or fax your order today!