Since 1950, the L. E. Smith team has been fixated on being so AMAZING that you LOVE to do business with us. This is our passion, and we admit, we’ve spent many a sleepless night brainstorming new ways to give you impeccable quality and unmatched service on every order.

What if you could 100% trust your countertop provider? Not 95%, but 100%. We are driven to distraction to achieve this. Yes, we know. We aren’t perfect & we make mistakes. However, part of our 100% goal is to make it right for you as quickly & painlessly as possible. And as importantly, to use those opportunities to get better on your future jobs.

We are big believers that, while price, quality, and on-time delivery are non-negotiable, life is just better when we enjoy the people we work with. Thus, we strive to make your workday happier by greeting you with optimism, genuine caring, and humor while helping you get to your desired outcome as fast as possible.

We are not afraid to admit that we welcome change with enthusiasm. Not for the sake of change itself but in pursuit of raising the bar. We have an active continuous improvement culture that we are more than happy to share with you! Please don’t hesitate to ask us!

We encourage you to put us to the test. Explore our website or better yet, request a plant tour to discover how L. E. Smith can help you reach your sales & client retention goals!

There are some things that just shouldn’t change. Our core values set the tone for how we want to act in every situation. Added together, they capture who we are as a company and what we most value.

L. E. Smith Sandbox Rules

Our sandbox rules guide our actions in every situation, and each of them is vital to our success and fulfillment at work.


  • We act with integrity when we speak the truth, act ethically, and align our actions and words with our values.
  • We can be counted on to do what we say we will do, to be honest, and to be trustworthy.
  • We can be counted on to stick to our values regardless of external pressure.


  • We act with respect when we treat others with humility; remembering we are all working for the same goal.
  • In all situations, including opinion differences, we treat others kindly and supportively. They can trust we have their back.
  • We take responsibility for our errors, and apologize when we act out of accordance with our values.


  • We embrace creativity when we solve each problem and handle every interaction with curiosity and a desire to explore what’s possible. Creativity shows in our desire to turn conflict into opportunity and actively improve our processes and habits.
  • We explore many potential solutions and select the one that delights our client at the lowest cost to the company.
  • We look for outgrown, habitual processes and replace them with success-creating processes.


  • An optimistic outlook is based on a belief that every problem has a win/win solution that can be discovered with a positive attitude.
  • We present solutions to problems and obstacles with a positive attitude and an enthusiasm to get better.
  • We speak candidly from a place of wanting something better versus criticizing what is (or others).


  • Passion requires that we buy into and work consistently towards the vision and goals of the company. We are driven to create progress in a positive, collaborative, enthusiastic way.
  • We have a strong desire to work with others to achieve new heights.
  • We have tremendous starter energy and initiative. We can’t wait to make a difference.

Company History

In 1950, Lawrence E. (L.E.) Smith founded the The L. E. Smith Company with the help of his wife, June, selling metal molding edges for countertops. June later pursued her passion for art; opening several art stores selling her work and the work of local artists. Both L. E. and his wife June have since passed, and have left a wonderful legacy of family, industry, and entrepreneurship to their children and grandchildren.

Two of their children, Steve and Joe, succeeded L. E. as the second generation owner/executive team. As a result of their leadership, L. E. Smith became one of the first DuPont™ Corian® distributors in the United States in the early 1970’s. The business also grew to become one of the largest custom laminate manufacturers in the Midwest.
In 2006, Steve and Joe sold L. E. Smith to their children, who own the business to this day. All of our shareholders are passionate about our vision and performance.

With 63 years of expertise, we’re excited about the future, and we pride ourselves on creating opportunities for our clients, family, suppliers, employees, and community. Our entire team is committed to honoring our heritage of quality, service, innovation, and continuous improvement, and we look forward to working closely with you and your team in the pursuit of mutual success!

We’re proud of our products, and we stand behind our work. View our Warranty Here

Associate Testimonials

  • Working at L. E. Smith has allowed me to grow professionally in many ways. Over the years I’ve learned how to be a better manager, team member and technician and the future promises to allow me even more opportunities to hone my skills. But, my fondest memory was from my first six months with the company. Completely unbeknownst to me, our HR and Accounting staff reached out to my wife to plan a surprise baby shower. I was so taken aback by this small gesture that that I knew I was part of a family, rather than just another employee.

    Scott Buehler

  • L.E. Smith took a chance on me 30 years ago. They’ve given me such great opportunity to grow and succeed. They allowed me to balance my work life and my family life without feeling guilty. For that I will be forever grateful. They encourage our input on making L.E. Smith an even better L.E. Smith for us and our clients. I appreciate the loyalty and mutual respect.

    Daun Musser

  • I enjoy working with my hands and building things. I also like being at someone’s house and seeing one of our countertops and thinking to myself, I helped build that.


    Countertop Fabricator
  • I enjoy working at L.E. Smith because every day is a challenge, no two days are alike. I also like working with my co-workers and helping our clients.


    Client Specialist
  • I like that L.E. Smith has offered opportunities for training, enhancing my professional growth. I also enjoy my co-workers, we are very supportive of one-another and always help each other in any way we can!

    Ashley Walz

  • I’ve been with L.E. Smith for over 22 yrs. and I’ve been treated like a team player & part of the L.E. Smith family.


    Client Specialist
  • I like making countertops and seeing the finished product, and knowing that people are getting a good product.


    Countertop Fabricator
  • I like working for L.E. Smith because each day is something different and there is always more to learn. Also the people I work with make the long days go quick and make it worth coming in every day.

    Sonia Villanueva