Myers Architectural Millwork Trusts L.E. Smith for Countertop Production Outsourcing and More

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83% of small businesses will maintain or increase their spending on outsourced business services, according to a 2023 survey conducted by Clutch. And this industry is certainly no exception to that. With millwork revenue in the U.S. growing to reach $33 billion this year alone, according to, L.E. Smith has significantly increased its outsourcing partnerships with millwork and casework businesses as they strive to meet this demand.

In a previously published blog that we wrote entitled, “Outsourcing Offers A Competitive Advantage For Small Businesses”, we explored the major benefits that our clients receive by outsourcing their manufacturing and installation of countertop surfaces to L.E. Smith.

The benefits highlighted included:
• Thriving during peaks and valleys—when casework/millwork businesses partner with L.E. Smith, they have more time to focus on what they do best, cabinetry. They trust our team to handle the countertops and surfaces and end up making more money while doing less work.
• Becoming an extension of your team—Not only does L.E. Smith offer high-quality products and services, but we also believe that successful project implementation requires more than just a great supplier. It also requires industry-leading turn times and a reputation for excellent project management.
• Providing technologies and economies of scale—L.E. Smith is buying large volumes of laminate and solid surface, which means we can offer competitive pricing on hundreds of colors, styles and materials.

As a follow-up to this blog, we wanted to highlight an outsourcing success story and provide more supporting details on the topic. Our clients reduce costs, time, and increase profit by outsourcing their countertop production to us. We work with many millwork and casework companies who fabricate both the cabinets and the countertops internally. Many times, due to time constraints, the countertops are completed using overtime. These clients have realized that purchasing its countertops from a supplier like L.E. Smith offers many benefits.

One such company is Myers Architectural Millwork, located in Whitestown, Indiana. Founded in 1995, they produce custom casework, cabinetry, horizontal surfaces, and other furnishings that deliver beautiful form and function.

The partnership began in 2011. It was the back-end of the recession and Myers was looking to see if they could do more with less. The first project involved post-form countertops. When Meyers realized that they didn’t lose professionalism or quality at the end of the project, further discussions ensued around all of the ways that we could help them ensure increased profitability and growth during peak times.

Roy Myers, president of Myers Architectural Millwork, said “L.E. Smith has assisted us several times when we’ve become backlogged or need assistance with overflow work. We have found that L.E. Smith is reliable and prompt. The company’s communication is helpful as well in assisting with coordinating and ensuring our jobs get done on schedule. We appreciate the assistance over the years.”

With Myers, we became a reliable outsourcing partner to take some of their capacity during peak times so they could maintain current staff levels and to assist in increased capacity and profitability. Casework and millwork companies know that cabinets are the most profitable area. Countertops are often last in line, meaning they are being finished at the 11th hour of a project, oftentimes requiring overtime work.

Benefits realized from partnering with L.E. Smith:

• Increased profitability
• AWI – Specification met
• Industry-leading lead times
• CNC Technology – cut to your toolpath
• Scalability – grow your business through partnership
• WBE Certified

The clients that choose to call L.E. Smith a “partner” or “extension of their business” enjoy the option to utilize them for part of their countertop business or as their sole provider. Our goal is that these partners are more successful as a result of our relationship.

Contact us for pricing estimates and to discuss how we can help you with your commercial millwork, casework, and countertop needs.

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