L.E. Smith Introduces Innovative Countertop and Cabinetry Packages for Commercial Contractors

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In order to meet the demand from clients who were seeking one provider to manage both countertop and cabinetry aspects of a project, L.E. Smith is proud to announce the successful launch of our bundled cabinet/countertop program.

Now, commercial clients can purchase countertops and cabinets directly from L.E. Smith, who manufacture the countertops and provide cabinets from trusted partners such as Kitchen Kompact, JSI Cabinetry, and Smart Cabinetry.

As the nation’s largest single-location manufacturer of laminate countertops, L.E. Smith, manages the entire process of fabricating countertops and delivering cabinets on schedule to the job-site.

“Our relationships and expertise with clients on the countertops side of the business transfers over seamlessly to cabinetry,” said Brian Smith, Executive Director of Sales. “Since we launched this initiative in January of 2022, feedback from our clients has been very positive.”

When clients choose to purchase cabinets and countertops from the same provider, there are several major advantages beyond just the convenience of having everything in one place. These benefits include:
• Speed – With one company handling the countertops and cabinets together, commercial contractors only have to write a single purchase order, streamlining the process. Because L.E. Smith provides a bundled offering, efficiency gains occur from tightly managed processes.
• Logistics – Ordering at scale is advantageous due to dealing with a direct manufacturer that can provide multiple offerings and cabinet lines while ensuring seamless project management. This aligns with the speed of our countertop production, which involves industry-leading turn times and high-speed cabinet lines so our clients receive deliveries on schedule. Through client feedback and experience, L.E. Smith understands the way these projects work and the importance of project time-frames.
• Communication – As a direct manufacturer that supplies the countertop-cabinet package, our clients only deal with one company that has control over both products. We set the delivery schedule based on client need, and our Project Managers and Project Coordinators deal directly with our client’s teams.

Our goal is always to help clients achieve successful results of their current projects. Contact us to learn more about the benefits and details of our countertop and cabinetry bundled offering.

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