Fitting big remodeling dreams into real life possibilities

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When it comes to designing or remodeling a residential or commercial space, we know your customers can have some pretty big dreams. Sometimes those dreams fit right into their budget and lifestyle, but other times you are left watching a sale walk right out the door because of unrealistic expectations.

What if we told you that there was a way to save that sale by using value engineering to make your customers’ dreams come true?

Value engineering in action

Mike and Samantha are homeowners who are remodeling their kitchen. They have binge-watched the HGTV channel for months and scoured every design magazine they can get their hands on. They know exactly what cabinets, flooring and surfaces they want and have come to you to get the process started.

What starts off as a great meeting quickly begins to go downhill as you give Mike and Samantha the rundown of the cost for their new kitchen. In addition, the couple never realized that the granite countertops they had always dreamed about needed to be sealed regularly. Suddenly, they begin to second guess all of their plans and decide that remodeling is not necessary after all.

Before you let the couple walk out the door, you ask Mike and Samantha what it was about those granite countertops that they loved so much. They respond that it was the natural color, durability and scratch resistance that sold them on granite. Now that you know what matters most to them in their kitchen countertop, you have options!

Product alternatives that focus on value

Because you have partnered with L.E. Smith, you can quickly access a variety of surfaces that match the functionality and design that your customers are looking for in their new kitchen. After showing them sample colors and price comparisons, you help them find a kitchen countertop material with everything they love about granite, but with zero maintenance after installation.

What started as a conversation about granite countertops has now turned into value engineering the entire project. From flooring to cabinets and countertops, offering a variety of products to customers helps you find exactly the right combination that gives them the functionality they need at a price they can afford.

The L.E. Smith Company makes it easy

Long known for our custom laminate countertops, The L.E. Smith Company has grown to include offerings in solid surface and VanitEase (in culture marble, granite and quartz).  Whether you are working on a commercial project that require large orders and project management or are remodeling a kitchen for customers like Mike and Samantha, we have everything you need to ensure you can offer your customers the best material for the job.

Learn more about how L.E. Smith can help you with value engineering your next home or office project, contact us at


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