Kitchen Bath Showroom Trends That Will Help to Drive Sales

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Kitchen and bathrooms are hot topics when it comes to home remodeling, as homeowners believe remodeling and renovating these popular areas in the home will bring them the biggest return on their investment. If you’re a home remodeling contractor, how do you take advantage of this belief to improve your sales?

Considering that there are so many features in both bathrooms and kitchens, it is important to showcase a variety of options for both areas. One of the best ways to do this is by updating your showroom, where you can show off your best materials to prospective buyers. However, you should always have a clear plan when it comes to these upgrades. Here are some of the best showroom trends to try out as a way to boost sales!

The Bathroom
Some techniques you can use to stand out at the showroom include:

  • Focus on easy fixes. You want to make remodeling seem as simple as possible when it comes to the bathroom, focus on components that work together and serve dual purposes. For instance, consider showers with built in shelving, sinks with built in storage, or quality countertops with streamlined sinks. This makes it easier for the customer because they won’t have to worry about installing different components.


  • Direct attention to the countertops. Considering that homeowners spend an average of $2,912 when installing countertops, it is crucial to offer plenty of options. The more the merrier — make sure to include expensive quartz countertops, modern and custom countertops, and affordable laminate countertop options for display.


  • Look down to the floor. A bathroom’s floor has to withstand a lot of use, so offering waterproof options will prevent homeowner headaches. If you can offer options that are both aesthetically pleasing and extremely practical, homeowners are more likely to stop and take notice.

The Kitchen
These foolproof techniques will inspire more customers to make their home remodeling dreams a reality:

  • Incorporate as much light as possible. No one likes to live in a dark house, so put as many windows in your showroom and display as possible. From bay windows to skylights, there are so many options to make the kitchen feel brighter and more open, and that’s exactly how your showroom should feel, too. If you have a portfolio or visual display for customers, make sure you show off work that’s well lit with both natural and artificial light.


  • Offer the ability to match countertops chosen for the kitchen with the bathroom or vice versa. Customers love having the option to buy in bulk, plus it gives their house an extra design boost when all of their quality countertops and surfaces match. Not only will this entice customers, but you’re more likely to find customers interested in larger remodeling projects.


  • Invest in islands. Not only are islands great focal points for kitchens, they offer extra shelving and storage space. They can even fit in the smallest of kitchens, so make sure to offer multiple sizes and shapes featuring quality countertops. This is one kitchen remodeling trend that never goes out of fashion.

With these trends in mind, you will bring your showroom to a whole new level!

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