Francisco To Speak At Ice 2011

Craig Francisco will be conducting a class on L.E. Smith’s lean journey with the attendees of the 2011 ICE convention.  Craig will share his best practices with all who attend in an effort to educate others on how to effectively implement a lean culture into their organizations.

ICE is all about the decorative surfacing professional. This is where fabricators from all over the world congregate to see the latest products, colors, textures, tools, techniques and marketing strategies.

There is an excitement at ICE that comes when the world’s most creative and talented decorative surfacing pros gather for a few short days under the same roof. ICE is engineered to provide ample opportunities for fabricators to socialize on an informal basis, thereby encouraging the free flow of ideas and information.

At the end of the day, it’s all about profitability. At ICE you will gain the knowledge and resources you need to help you increase your bottom line.

It’s where you learn the answers to the questions you didn’t know to ask.  Don’t miss out on this terrific event!