Kaizen #14 – Solid Surface Department

A spunky cross-functional team converged on our solid surface area to execute Kaizen #14 from June 22-24.  The team gelled very quickly and a great dynamic was born.  This spirited 10-member team embraced COMMWIP and 5S whole-heartedly, making this one of the most effective Kaizen events we’ve conducted.

The entire solid surface process was considered as the team began an overhaul – from identifying order processes to final goods going out the door.  No small feat – and this team was destined for the cause!  They tapped into existing efficiencies with the solid surface pros and quickly learned what they could do collectively to set improvements in motion.  They cleaned, labeled tools, built additional work benches and tool carts, moved equipment and the phone system; creating more work flow efficiencies and greater transparency.

From the beginning to the end of the process, this team focused their efforts in support of the solid surface team being able to deliver a deeper level of client satisfaction.  See what a combined 122 years of experience can achieve in 24 shared hours?  Simply amazing!