L.E. Smith adds VanitEase, Caesarstone

New lines of vanity tops bring granite, engineered stone and quartz to area

Times Business Editor

Remodelers and those building a home have some new choices, available locally, for new bathroom vanity tops.

“So we have our own line of colors that we’re going to stock — fabricated vanities ready to go,” said Craig Francisco, chief operating officer for L.E. Smith Co. “It’s real granite,” he said, pointing to the sample full-size sink and vanity top in the company’s conference room.

“It’s called Engineered Stone,” explained Amy Miller, director of business development. “It’s a manmade product but it actually has real stone within it.”

This product is being sold under L.E. Smith’s own brand name of VanitEase. “It’s a brand-new product line of ours,” Francisco said.

He said the new line is exciting for the company because stone, engineered granite and quartz are extremely popular. Furthermore, VanitEase has just become available at local retailers such as Bryan Home Project Center in Bryan and Peltcs Lumber Co. in Montpelier. Francisco said VanitEase will not be available in any big box stores.

“This product, in the configurations and colors we’re going to be offering, will be truly one of a kind that you won’t be able have access to anywhere else,” he said, explaining it is only available to local distributors of L.E. Smith products.

Another new product offering from the company is Caesarstone, a well-known, premier brand of quartz vanity tops. This brand, Francisco said, is frequently seen on the Home and Garden Television (HGTV) network.

As for price range, Francisco said granite is the least expensive of the stone vanity tops, with engineered stone next in line and Caesarstone quartz at the top. However, he said L.E. Smith has what he called “a very unique relationship” with Caesarstone that allows the company to offer the product at a lower price point than most distributors.

“We’re really excited about the Caesarstone piece because no one else in this geographic area has this available at all,” Miller added, and certainly not in as many colors as L.E. Smith can offer, and not at a comparable price or lead time.

Francisco also indicated VanitEase vanity tops will be more affordable than may be expected.
“The unique thing about our granite is that the price points are going to be extremely affordable,” he said. “And sometimes it’s less expensive than a solid surface vanity. So the price point and the availability are what really makes (VanitEase) unique.”

Francisco said L.E. Smith has several hundred vanity tops stocked and ready to go to local distributors, and this availability is unique to the marketplace. The usual wait is four or more weeks. “With ours it’s anywhere from one week if it’s stocked, and if it’s custom it’s two weeks — a lot faster than you can get it anywhere around,” he said.

The new products have contributed to a need for more people. Francisco said the company has hired 15 people within the last 60 days.

For more information about VanitEase and Caesarstone — and about L.E. Smith — visit the company’s website at www.lesmith.com.