Management Is Doing Things Right; Leadership Is Doing The Right Things. -Peter F. Drucker

On Tuesday 3/29, eleven of L.E. Smith’s managers completed the second portion of an eight hour course on the topic of Leadership Fundamentals and Team Building.    The course was presented by Randy Groll, through Continuous Improvement Systems, LLC, a division of Northwest State Community College.  The course covered such topics as the Leader’s role, processes and techniques for leading effective teams and individuals, and understanding stages of conflict, and a process for conflict resolution.  Throughout the course, Mr. Groll presented real life examples and interjected exercises that made the team experience scenarios that would be likely to occur, and would allow the team to prime their skills in preparation for handling similar instances.  One example scenario even included an earthquake in which the leader and teams had to make critical decisions determining their likelihood of survival.  It was an excellent example of how small decisions and leadership could ultimately affect the outcome of any given situation.  The course was enjoyable and educational for all in attendance, and ultimately this training will enable the individuals that participated to go back to their teams and begin using this knowledge in everyday interactions and situations.

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