So What Is Solid Surface?

Solid surface products (like countertops or cool store fixtures) are made with high performance resin; like acrylic or unsaturated polyester.  There’s a really neat design benefit with solid surface – it can be machined like wood – using special equipment and fabrication techniques.  This amazing material can be precisely cut and bonded to fit nearly any surface shape.  Plus, solid surface can be routed for decorative purposes and applied on to something else using special adhesives.

Color travels through the product completely.  That makes it really easy to repair scratches, chips or stains that may happen over time – often to the surfaces’ original finish.

Solid surface is chip and stain resistant – but again, easily renewed.

The seamlessly created surface is so easy to clean.

It’s nonporous.  Yes it is…and therefore it does not promote the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria with proper cleaning.

Applications for solid surface include; countertops, walls, bathroom vanities, sinks bathtubs, shower floors and surrounds, window sills, floor tiles, stair treads, work stations, interior and exterior facades and more!  The possibilities are endless! Check out the artisan bowl (above) created from solid surface material.