For the Love of Laminate: Eco-Friendly Countertops That Are Easy on the Eye and Easy on the Buy

by | Dec 26, 2017 | LE Smith News & Blog | 0 comments

eco-friendly countertopsIn the past, laminate countertops have been given some unfair abuse. You’ve seen the retro countertops that were very grandma’s-house-in-the-50s-esque. That’s understandable, but the designs of old have long since evolved.

Your customers might be holding on to conjured images of ugly countertops and passing on an opportunity that’s well designed, environmentally conscious, inexpensive, and beautiful. Let’s take a look at the lauds of laminate countertops.

Banish Those Old Memories
This isn’t grandma’s house anymore. The unsightly countertops of days long passed have changed a great deal. Leaving behind gaudy colors, well-designed laminate countertops look like polished wood or stone for a fraction of the price. They’re in style right now and the designs are continuously improving.

They’re Durable
One thing that isn’t wrong about them is their durability. With proper maintenance, quality countertops made from laminate can last between 10 and 20 years. Perfect for houses with children doing crafts, messy home chefs, and general wear and tear, laminate countertops test wonderfully with a whole range of abuses that would damage others. They’re generally low-maintenance and require no complex cleaning beyond a wet cloth and a good wipe down.

Eco-Friendly Countertops Are The Present And Future
Having a good looking kitchen is definitely at the top of your customer’s goals, but the increasing concern with environmentally responsible purchasing needs to taken into consideration. Eco-friendly countertops are commonly laminate materials. Recycled materials and environmentally conscious manufacturers should be kept watch for, adding to the long-term value of your customer’s purchase (and our planet).

Price It With SQUAD
We recognize how difficult pricing countertops can be. Fortunately, we’ve built our own pricing tool called SQUAD. Laminate countertops can be especially difficult to nail a price onto, but this tool makes it easy. Send us an email and we’ll set up a training, webinar, or walk-through on SQUAD and getting those price quotes will be that much easier.

The kitchen is one of the most welcoming gathering places in the modern home and a chic new laminate countertop is exactly what’s needed to kick kitchen style up a notch. Get in touch with your customers and plan a project out. We’ll set you up with the supplies to get those counters cruisin’!

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