More than Laminate, LES Offers a Variety of In-Demand Products

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Since the 1950s, The L.E. Smith Company has been dedicated to providing our customers with impeccable quality and unmatched service on every order. Over the decades, this legacy has directed every aspect of our business. It has kept us focused on ensuring our customers have access to the most in-demand, high-quality products in the industry.

Although our reputation was built as a leading laminate fabricator, we have expanded our offerings over the years to include a wide variety of products. This list continues to grow and change as our team is continually analyzing trends in construction, renovation and design. We do this to ensure that you, our industry partners, have easy access to in-demand products from a single supplier that you can trust.

Solid surfaces making a comeback

Solid surface reigned as the premier material for countertops and surfaces in the 1990s. Although quartz and granite gained popularity during the 2000s, industry professionals are once again seeing the demand for solid surface countertops increase.

What makes this product a mainstay in both residential kitchens and commercial projects is its ability to mimic the characteristics of natural stone with a much lower price tag. As an added bonus, solid surfaces have antimicrobial properties. This nonporous material is hygienic, easy to clean and low-maintenance. Did we mention that it also comes in hundreds of colors and styles?

VanitEase® offers affordable granite, quartz and cultured marble options

No one wants to purchase an entire slab of stone or search a boneyard hoping to find an acceptable remnant of quartz, granite or cultured marble. That is why we began offering our VanitEase® line of bathroom vanities. Unique within the residential and commercial construction industry, VanitEase® offers natural stone bathroom vanities in both standard and custom sizes. Best of all, you only pay for what you use.

In addition to offering over 15 colors of stone across six different brands, VanitEase® line of bathroom vanities also include undermount round or rectangular bowls, faucet drilling and a backsplash. In keeping with our commitment to offering industry-leading turn-times, the VanitEase® line offers nine different options that will ship in just one week.

PVC edge tops ensure durability

Ideal for every high-traffic space, PVC edge tops are often found in cafeterias, restaurants, meeting rooms and airports. The PVC edge provides additional protection to a laminate surface top, making them more durable and longer lasting. Offered in a variety of colors and styles, PVC edge tops are affordable, durable and customizable to compliment any style.

Laminate still a mainstay at L.E. Smith

We worked hard to become the nation’s largest single location fabricator of laminate surfaces, and we don’t intend to relinquish that title. Our focus on laminate is as strong as ever, and it should come as no surprise that we offer over 200 stock colors across 9 edge profiles.

In addition to traditional laminate countertops, we also offer laminate panels. Available in hundreds of colors and textures, laminate panels can be used in a variety of applications in both residential and commercial spaces.

Additional services to ensure successful installation

Every product purchased through L.E. Smith includes the option of professional measurement and installation services. For large, commercial jobs, we also offer on-site project management that ensures each project runs smoothly and meets or exceeds turn-time expectations. Bundled estimates are also available for laminate or solid surface projects that include specified areas of quartz or granite surfaces.

The best client experience: complete, on-time and correct

After almost 70 years in the industry, L.E. Smith has built a network of suppliers that are industry leaders in both quality and service. According to Carrie Welling, pricing analyst at L.E. Smith, “Our suppliers work at a very high level for us. Our customers benefit from this relationship because it ensures that we deliver products that are complete, on-time and correct.”

If you are looking for a partner in supplying high-quality surfaces with exceptional customer service, look no further than L.E. Smith. We would love to schedule a meeting at your location, and we welcome you to come see us work at our facility in Bryan, Ohio. Contact for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

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