Quartz is Queen: Why Homeowners Seek Quartz Countertops

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With all of the different types of countertop materials available to homeowners, it can be difficult for them to make a final decision with a countertop company when renovating a home. But for those who are torn between laminate countertops and marble, quartz countertops are often the perfect choice. Here are just a few reasons why most homeowners end up realizing quartz is the way to go when working with a countertop company.

    • They’re durable and low-maintenance These two features are a huge priority for many families, especially with such an important investment. Most quartz counter manufacturers say that this material can handle heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, which is key in the kitchen. Plus, it’s naturally stain-repellant to acidic beverages and foods. It also won’t chip or scratch, so daily use won’t wreck their counters. Quartz doesn’t require yearly sealing like other materials, so maintenance is a breeze. You’ll want to make sure to bring up these points when helping homeowners make their decision.
    • They’re cost-effective You’re already familiar with the cost of quartz in relation to other materials like marble — but homeowners may not be. They may even assume that quartz is far more expensive than their other options. Of course, there’s a range of quartz prices, anywhere from $80 to $140 per square foot is typical. However, it’s bound to be the most cost-effective choice overall. Since it’s so durable and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, it’s a better investment over time. Not only is marble more expensive up front, but it will need more costly upkeep as the years go by. When homeowners want a luxurious material but want to know they’re getting more bang for their buck, quartz is undoubtedly the winner.
    • They’re versatile As far as aesthetic value, quartz certainly stands out. Even though it’s a man-made material, many manufacturers have managed to make it look organic with more natural patterns. Since quartz can be manipulated in this way, it provides homeowners with more options for colors and styles. They can even be made to look just like more expensive options, which will appeal to those who have a strict budget but expensive tastes. When customers are looking for a specific look, quartz is usually a great solution.

At L.E. Smith, we understand what both retailers and customers want to see in their homes — and that they need it at an affordable price. That’s why our countertop company has developed an online quoting tool called SQUAD, which will help you quickly obtain a quote so you can pass pricing information along to your customers. For more information on quotes or on the products we carry, please contact us at 419-636-4555.

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