Trend Talk: What’s New For Kitchens And Bathrooms In 2018

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November may have just begun, but designers, retailers, and homeowners are already looking ahead to the new year and what it may bring in terms of decorating trends. The fact is that what may have been popular in 2016 or 2017 may not keep its popularity in 2018. To that end, we’re sharing some of our top kitchen and bathroom design trends for next year and giving you an exclusive sneak peek of what you can expect.

Quartz, Of Course
A recent National Association of Home Builders survey shows that 69% of requested remodeling jobs centered around the kitchen. That’s no surprise, seeing as it’s considered to be the heart of the home. Quartz countertops have been gaining popularity for a number of years due to their non-porous, stain-resistant surface that requires very little maintenance. In 2018, the quartz countertop options will be virtually limitless. Regardless of the style homeowners are after, there are quartz countertop options to fit just about any aesthetic. These high quality countertops can even be made to mimic other popular (and more expensive) types, which will be sure to please clients. Not only are these quartz countertop options a practical choice, but they now feel even more luxurious than ever before.

Be Bold
Bold colors are “in,” particularly in the kitchen. Two-toned kitchens featuring saturated hues like goldenrod, cornflower, and persimmon may not become the industry standard, but they’ll get their fair share of interest from clients who want a contemporary feel in their homes. Even kitchen appliances and fixtures are getting the vibrant treatment; blue and purple ovens, hoods, and sinks and faucets are coming in rainbow-colored hues to offset the stark white kitchens of years past.

Industrial Ideas
The industrial look is still a great go-to, and now it’s mixing with dark and sleek elements in the kitchen to create a hybrid a lot of clients love. Glass, aluminum, dark woods, and brass can be used in kitchen spaces to give a feel that’s both vintage-inspired and totally modern all at once. Brass and rose gold fixtures are gaining steam too, and design trends will continue to play with the contrast of fresh and light vs. rich and dark.

Go Au Naturale
Natural materials will be huge in bathrooms and kitchens for 2018. Stone sinks, earth tones, mixes of natural woods, and the infusion of live plants directly into designs (rather than merely being used as a decorative element) will continue to emerge throughout the next year or so. Living plant walls right near the shower or succulents as part of the actual sink fixture may seem strange at first, but for those who want to bring the outside in, it seems only natural.

When creating concepts and planning ahead for next year, our quartz countertop quoting tool, SQUAD, will certainly come in handy. To find out more about this service or the products LE Smith can provide, get in touch with us today.

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