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Kitchen trends: laminate countertop edge profiles

Many of us here at L.E. Smith remember the days of avocado green refrigerators, tile countertops and carpeted kitchens. These are all trends that started out looking cool, but later became regrettable decisions that we laugh about when we pull out the old family photo album. Today, we are excited to share a kitchen trend that we promise you won’t regret when you log in to your digital photo albums 20 years from now.

Today’s laminate countertops offer strong competition for popular, natural stone options

Laminate countertops were first introduced in the late 1940s. Over the next two decades, their popularity exploded, and Formica® countertops could be found in every color imaginable, including bright yellow, lime green and hot pink. Eventually, granite began taking over the market followed by solid surface, marble and eventually quartz. While laminate never totally disappeared from the market, it couldn’t compete with the durability and natural beauty of these more popular materials.

Although the laminate industry took a hit, they have since made an impressive comeback. ““Laminate countertops are now offered in high-definition and 180FX colors and patterns that look like granite, marble and quartz to the untrained eye,” said Brian Smith, Executive Director of Sales at L.E. Smith. “Add in custom edges, and your laminate countertops can compete with many high-priced alternatives on the market.”

Edge profiles add a unique dimension to laminate countertops 

Once upon a time, the edges of a laminate countertop made it impossible to disguise the material as anything other than, well, laminate. “The front of the countertop would have an attractive, rolled look, but the edge was always flat,” said Brian. “With the new edge profiles, you can have the same edge all the way around the countertop, giving them a more modern, finished look.”

L.E. Smith offers a variety of decorative edge profiles and end caps available through Formica® and Wilsonart®.

Formica® IdealEdge®

Formica® IdealEdge® eliminates the flat edges and brown seams that are traditionally associated with laminate surfaces. Available in four stunning profiles, IdealEdge® can bring a fresh look to laminate countertops, kitchen islands and more. Don’t have the budget for wood, granite or quartz countertops, no problem. Formica® IdealEdge® can mimic the look of these materials at a fraction of the cost.

Wilsonart laminate countertops

Wilsonart® Decorative Edges

With Wilsonart® decorative edges, the difference is in the details. Of course, It is the details that make a kitchen unique. Although selecting an edge profile may seem like a small detail, it can have a big impact on the character of a kitchen.  From curved and dramatic, to sleek and simple, Wilsonart® edge profiles add a unique dimension to laminate countertops that mimic the look and feel of more expensive materials like granite, marble and quartz.

Wilsonart laminate countertop

Profiled End Caps

Using a single piece of contoured laminate, L.E. Smith profiled end caps finish off, or cap, the exposed end of a laminate countertop. These end caps provide a seamless look that completes any kitchen design. Available in a variety of colors and finishes, L.E. Smith can provide a perfect match to any newly installed laminate.

Wilsonart lamiante countertops

If you are interested in offering exploring laminate edge profiles or end caps offered at L.E. Smith, contact us at or call 419-636-4555.

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