Multifamily Home Design Trends in 2017: What You Need To Know

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Many design trends will endure the test of time, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important to stay on top of current trends. Quartz countertop manufacturers were overjoyed when quartz took the top countertop material spot from granite in 2014, but will that preference last or will it be merely a passing phase?

If you’re a quartz countertop manufacturer or designer who does a lot of work with multifamily dwellings (like apartment buildings, condos, or properties with the potential for multi-generational living), you’ll want to pay close attention to this year’s top design trends.

Sustainability is in
Eco-friendly living is here to stay, and tenants all over the country are demanding greener options. In the luxury market, sustainable spaces are an especially big draw for tenants, which means landlords can fetch higher rent prices just by using more environmentally responsible materials. Bamboo flooring is a popular option, as it’s durable and attractive without presenting a negative impact on the environment. But many families and property owners will wonder how to choose the right countertop to support sustainability. Quartz countertop manufacturers should highlight the fact that their locally engineered stone products have a reduced environmental impact and require very little maintenance.

Keep it simple
For the kitchen and bathroom in particular, it’s best to stick with a clean and simple look to start. Subway tiles remain immensely popular for this very reason. They’re visually appealing, easy to deal with, and can serve as a foundation for nearly any style. In the same vein, countertops should be durable, look high-end (even if they’re quite affordable), and have mass appeal. Millennials are most likely to rent a unit in a multi-family dwelling, and by and large, they prefer minimalist spaces and natural materials. These renters want countertops, flooring, and fixtures that provide a neutral yet attractive design, one that gives tenants the option to make a space their own or keep it as is.

Don’t be afraid of texture
That said, multi-family dwellings shouldn’t look boring. A great way to add in visual interest without fear of polarization is to play with texture. While brushed metal elements may soon be replaced by matte options, polished bronze and brass faucets and drawer pulls may be making a comeback in 2017. Quartz countertop manufacturers will do well to promote their textured options, which can act as a real focal point in any room. In addition, using cerused woods (used in floors or cabinetry) can make the grain pop, and they have become a popular way to add in texture to kitchens and bathrooms.

While millennials are especially prone to living in multi-family dwellings, they aren’t the only demographic that matters when considering home design trends (just don’t tell them that). It’s also important to cater to seniors and retirement-age households, many of whom have accessibility concerns when choosing a place to live. That could mean wheelchair-friendly bathroom design or lower countertops in kitchen spaces.

When you offer the trendiest materials, you need a way to provide accurate pricing to your customers. As a premier countertop provider, we know how difficult that can be, especially when working with materials like quartz and laminate. That’s why we’ve developed the SQUAD pricing tool, which can provide fast, precise quotes for all kinds of countertops. If you’d like to learn more about this pricing tool, contact LE Smith for a free training session that will allow you to get your customers the information they need.

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