What’s Hot In The Kitchen: Sink Trends In 2017

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Even a minor kitchen remodel has an average ROI of 82.7%, so it’s no surprise that it’s one of the first areas homeowners look to when they want to give their house a little facelift. And although there will always be clients who gravitate more towards the traditional, most want to choose countertops, cabinets, and appliances that are currently on-trend, rather than ones that were “in” five years ago. Quartz countertop companies and contractors need to be aware of what’s new and exciting in the industry, as this will help customers weigh their options. To that end, here are a few sink and countertop-related trends that are especially hot in 2017.

  • Integrated quartz sinks
    Those who like a streamlined look in the kitchen may want to ask local quartz countertop companies about an integrated sink. It’s a sleek, seamless design that can look grand or contemporary, depending on the style and color. It also makes for an incredibly easy cleanup, thanks to the lack of separate pieces. It’s a great option for bathrooms, too!
  • Bold finishes
    White kitchens are still very much en vogue, likely because it feels clean and fresh. But more homeowners want to offset that with pops of color or textural elements. One way to do this is with hardware, like faucets and drawer pulls, that makes a statement. Usually, it’s best to consider the overall aesthetic of the home when deciding on these elements. Matte black faucets can look striking in a contemporary home, while copper and bronze will fit in beautifully in homes that have a vintage or classic flair.
  • Undermount sinks
    For homeowners who want a smooth look but aren’t crazy about integrated sinks, undermount sinks can be a great option. Families often like this selection; because the sink hangs below the counter, it makes cleanup a breeze. In addition, it also allows for more counter space, which is something every homeowner wants. While it’s not well-suited for laminate or tile countertops, quartz countertop companies will be able to accommodate this kind of design quite easily.

Although trends may come and go, these features are attractive and classic enough to stand the test of time. For more information on the countertops we carry or on our SQUAD online quoting tool, contact LE Smith today!

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