Quartz vs Laminate: Which Should You Use In Your Next Commercial Project?

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countertopWhen it comes to commercial projects, one of the most important things to consider when remodeling a kitchen area is the type of countertop you’ll be using. According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders, 89% of those jobs that were requested were for kitchen remodels.

Therefore, the type of material you use for your commercial project’s countertop can influence potential buyers greatly. But what kind of material is best for your project’s kitchen area? Laminate or quartz?

The answer may seem obvious: quartz. After all, quartz is considered a cultured stone and is particularly beautiful to look at. However, laminate in recent years has proven to be of premium quality.

If you’re looking for a stone-like appearance to the countertops of your commercial project, quartz countertops may seem like the best choice because of their natural stone depth and veining structure.

However, laminate that is more high-quality can take on the realistic stone-like appearance of quartz at a cheaper price with a more distinctive crystalline feature. If you’re looking for a wider range of color options, laminate countertops are particularly colorful whereas quartz countertops are relatively limited.

While both a laminate and quartz countertop have their variations in terms of appearance, when it comes to durability quartz is proven to be the more adept to heat resistance. Under average conditions, quartz is proven to be particularly resistant to any abrasions which makes it popular among chefs in the kitchen.

The countertop is also heat-resistant, at least as long as the heat is not applied to the quartz directly. This is where laminate countertops come out on top, surviving even under 500 degrees.

All quality countertops come at a cost, but depending on your project’s choice of custom laminate countertops or custom quartz countertops your cost may fluctuate. Laminate is traditionally the best choice for those who can’t quite afford more high-end countertops like quartz. This is due to the fact that laminate has a particularly cheaper installation and material price than quartz. .

However, that isn’t to say that laminate can’t be as expensive as quartz countertops. Premium laminate can sometimes be found within the same price range as lower-priced quartz. Thus, when it comes to price and saving money you may very well want to focus on the appearance and durability since modern laminate and quartz seem to be relatively on par with each other.

How to Choose?
Laminate and quartz countertops each have their own quirks and characteristics. Since they’re both relatively similar in price, it ultimately comes down to the preference and design choices. Laminate can come in a variety of colors, but quartz has a surprising amount of durability. Laminate is extremely heat resistant, but quartz has a beautiful stone quality. Go with your gut and your commercial project may very well turn out to be popular on the market.

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